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Kalogria Beach of Achaea

Kalogria beach is one of the most famous beaches in the region of Western Greece and is in Achaea. 

A perfect destination for visitors who wish to enjoy sea and sun in Western Greece, combining swimming and sunbathing with other activities in close distance. The beach is an oasis, an idyllic and exotic place 9km long. The beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag quality award.

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Gianniskari Beach of Achaea

The region of Western Greece has its own “Caribbean” and this is, of course, Gianniskari beach in Achaea. In the quiet and secluded Gianniskari beach, visitors have the chance to come closer to nature and water, and complete their vacation with nature excursions and sightseeing.

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Akoli Beach of Achaea

The gem of Achaea, with crystal clear waters, could not be anything else than Akoli beach. It is located within the urban area and has many picturesque taverns along it. 

An ideal place for visitors looking for peaceful holidays with an emphasis on relaxation, rejuvenation, contact with the local culture and gastronomy of Western Greece.

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Kourouta beach of Ilia

Kourouta beach is in the regional unit of Ilia and is one of the most famous organized tourist beaches of Greece. It is very lengthy with beautiful golden sand and crystal-clear waters. 

The beach is also popular for its water activities and sunset, as also for being in close distance to the cradle of civilization, Ancient Olympia.

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Arkoudi beach of Ilia

One of the little gems of Western Greece is Arkoudi beach in the regional unit of Ilia. The beach gathers plenty of people and has been awarded with a blue flag in the past. The beach is in front of the homonymous settlement of Arkoudi.

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Kakovatos beach of Ilia

Kakovatos beach is another hidden gem of Western Greece. One of the most beautiful beaches that takes visitors to a tropical scenery.

Its length and beauty place it among the top beaches in Greece. An ideal place for authentic experiences that combine the purity of the virgin landscape.

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Skafidia beach of Ilia

One of the most beautiful beaches of Western Peloponnese which combines a picturesque environment with wild beauty. 

At Skafidia visitors enjoy the beauty of the beach along with moments of relaxation after a tour or guided tour around sites of cultural interest, such as Ancient Olympia, which is nearby.

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Mytikas Beach of Aetoloakarnania

Mytikas beach is one of the gems of the region of Western Greece in Aetoloakarnania.

It is ideal for visitors looking for a calm and romantic summer vacation, authentic vibes and pristine landscapes with picturesque white houses built right on the seashore.

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Vathiavali Beach of Aetoloakarnania

One of the “secrets” of the region of Western Greece is undoubtedly the beach of Vathiavali in Aetoloakarnania.

The exotic beach and the bay are a reference point for sailors in the area.

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Psani, Nafpaktos of Aetoloakarnania

The beauty of the city of Nafpaktos in Western Greece is complemented by the beautiful Psani beach to its western.

The place is ideal for those looking for experiences close to nature, a beach full of plane trees and right next to the vastness and beauty of the Corinthian Gulf.

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