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Virtual Tour

This project is an official action for the promotion of the region of Western Greece.

This virtual touring platform is a multimedia and multimodal presentation of specific features of the region of Western Greece, and specifically of the local beaches, allowing users to vote for the “best” one in their opinion.

Best Beaches

10 beaches of Western Greece are presented through 360 browsing (image and video), having been multimedia enriched with content such as accessibility, beach features, attractions in the wider area, cultural features in close distance to the beaches.

The 10 enriched virtual and multimedia presentations of Western Greece beaches are the subject of the 10 options that follow, and among which are invited to vote those who wish to.

The selection of the beaches was made upon suggestion of the Regional Administration of Western Greece.

Join the tour, get to know Western Greece through its beaches as well as the wider area.

4 Seasons Experience

A journey into beauty

Spring in Western Greece

Forests with heavenly scents, calm blue lakes and lagoons, verdant valleys, footpaths where colorful wild flowers pop up, rivers with powerful waters; a wonderful cascade of images of spring in Western Greece. The mild weather and a chance to avoid the crowds lead us to small and great escapes in its newly blossoming landscapes.

Summer in Western Greece

It is tumbling into sparkling cobalt blue seas for cooling dives and moments of peace bathed in the scarlet sunsets. It is the tasty ouzomeze – the Greek version of tapas traditionally served with ouzo – in taverns by the waves. It is the feel of nature’s more mature summer caress and the offer of its abundant fruit to the traveler. It is the sense that you are tuning into the historic past by treading the ground where its masterpieces were created. 

Autumn in Western Greece

Nature lovers in the know are in on the secret… Western Greece in Autumn is a destination with no shortage of gorgeous surprises. The trees have donned their crimson and yellow cloaks and wispy clouds adorn an horizon swept clean by the first rains. The moist earth surrenders its special fragrances to the air while, in quiet courtyards, pomegranate trees almost seem to topple with the weight of their fruit.

Winter in Western Greece

In winter your desire to escape everyday routine makes you dream of traditional villages with smoking chimney tops, walks along footpaths lined with fir and chestnut trees, games in the snow and moments of relaxation next to log fires in traditional guesthouses. All this you can find in Western Greece, whose dreamlike winter wonderlands offer unforgettable holiday experiences.

Western Greece awaits!

discover its unique beauties, attractions and activities!